How to paint API 5L Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe?

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  During the production process of API 5L black carbon steel seamless pipe, problems such as rust and dirt may occur on the surface, and spray painting can effectively solve these problems.steel pipe manufacturer introduces to you how to paint API 5L black seamless pipe.

  (1) Before use, the anti-corrosion coating should be inspected twice, and it can be painted only after passing the test. When using paint, stir it evenly. For two-component paints, the proportions must be strictly followed and cannot be changed. When using thinner, its type and dosage should comply with the manufacturer's standards. When preparing paint, it must be filtered through a fine copper wire mesh and the viscosity must be measured with a coating cup before use.

  (2) After the first coat of paint is dry, the next coat can be applied. The layers should be crisscrossed and evenly applied, and each layer should be applied in a reciprocal manner. All coatings must not be missed. The coating surface should be smooth and flat, consistent in color, without defects such as pinholes, bubbles, sags, peeling, powder paint, damage, etc. The bonding strength should reach level 2 or above. The thickness of each layer and the total dry film thickness should be complete. Meet the technical specifications of the paint.

  (3) Manual painting should be done from top to bottom, from left to right, inside first and then outside, first diagonally and then straight, first difficult and then easy, and in a criss-cross pattern.

  (4) The interval between each coat should not exceed an hour. It is best to apply the second coat when the first coat of paint is not dry. If the coating has been cured for a long time, polish it with emery cloth before applying the next coat of paint.

  (5) Before each process is concealed, it must be inspected and accepted by Party A’s quality inspection personnel to ensure that the surface is clean and free of paint and dust. Each paint film must use a paint film thickness gauge to check whether the dry film thickness meets the design requirements.

  (6) The thickness of each coating should be strictly controlled during construction, and the thickness must meet the design requirements. For dead corners and difficult-to-brush areas on external components, use a small brush to apply the paint first to avoid missing paint or missed brushing. Rust removal of small components must be thorough, and spray paint can be used during anti-corrosion to ensure the integrity of the paint film.

  API 5L black carbon steel seamless pipe painting is a common surface treatment used to protect and beautify black steel pipes. Coating helps prevent steel pipes from rusting, ect.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us Email : [email protected].

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