1. Name:china hebei LSAW pipe
2.Standard: API 5L PSL1,PSL2
Steel Grades: B-X100
Anti-corrosion coating: anti-H2S,CO2 corrosion

Longitudinal seam submerged arc welded pipe
LSAW steel pipe

1) Line Pipe
Standard: API 5L PSL1,PSL2
Steel Grades: A,B,X42--X100
UOE,JACOE forming ways

WT: 6-40MM
OD: 508-1422MM
Length: 6.0 - 18.3m
Uses: Line pipe can meet all requirements of hi-pressure transmission pipline for natural gas
and petroleum and can be used in offshore,icy areas and as with large difference in altitude.

2)LSAW steel pipe Structural Pipes and low-pressure liquid transportation pipes
Standard: ASTM A139 (Grade A-E)
ASTM A 252(Grade 1 -3)
JIS G3444 (STK290 -540)
GB/T 3091 (Q215-345)

OD: 508 -1422MM
WT: 6 - 40MM
Length: 6 -12m
Uses: as low-pressure liquid transportation pipes and different types of load bearing structure
units as well as other purposes.

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