Product Description

Galvanized Steel Pipe
1)Product Name:ASTM A53 Hot-dip Galvanized steel pipe

3)OD(mm):21.3 26.7 33.4 42.2 48.3 60.3 73.0 88.9 114.3

4)Nominal thickness(mm):2.77 2.87 3.38 3.56 3.68 3.91 5.16 5.49 6.02

5)Coefficient(c):1.064 1.051 1.045 1.040 1.036 1.034 1.032 1.028

6)Steel grade:Q215A Q215B Q235A Q235B

7)Standard weight class:STD

8)Class A test pressure(Mpa):4.83MPa-13.10Mpa

9)Test pressure value(Mpa): D10.2-168.3mm to 3Mpa, D177.8-323.9mm to 5Mpa

10)Weight(Black Tube)(kg/m):1.27kg/m-16.07kg/m

11)Galvanized steel pipe Production:Has the following production steps:a. Round preparation, b. Heating, c. Hot perforation, d. Cutting head, e. Pickling, f. Grinding, g. Lubrication,
h. Cold rolling, i. Degreasing, j. Solution heat treatment, k. Straightening,
l. Cutting, m. Pickling, n. Inspection.

12)Application:Widely used in fire fighting, gas pipes, water transport and water
supply projects; building, central air-conditioning pipe, fence, threading pipe,
rolling doors, metal frame, support tube, furniture, sports equipment, fence, etc.

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